We’re for Chefs:A Data-Powered Transformation Journey

For Unilever Food Solutions, we created the:

“We’re for Chefs” Platform

It’s a 3-year journey with them and counting, making their marketing smarter and transforming their business digitally along the way.

It started with building a long-term B2B platform housed in Wechat with inspirational videos of how we helped real chefs, leading to recipes, skill upgrades, consultation services and sample packs.

Here’s one of the stories of real chefs we told:

These stories will lead to our main platform, including a recipes library:


In the following year, we enriched the platform with big data from restaurant review apps and food deliver apps to help chefs predict the dining trends of young diners.

We visualized the data findings in interesting ways and offered new recipes for the chefs to meet the young diners’ needs.

Here’s a data report sample:


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