Momo Launch

Momo is China’s leading location based social connection app with over 150 million users and counting.
It is like a cross between Highlight and Tinder.

RT momo intro with en


The Challenge

We’ve been tasked with developing a brand launch for them, as it has a current perception problem of being purely a hookup app.


The Idea

Interesting Awaits

We want to show people the interesting users, groups, events awaiting them on Momo, beyond sex.

It’s not just about inspiring with a brand film though,  people need to experience this point of view to believe Momo’s changing.

So we launched the brand with a location-aware film:


The film when viewed on mobile, introduces you to relevant groups and people around you for real:


Momo screen cap


For outdoor, we’ve also set up Real Time Contextual Billboards to showcase and inspire people with all the interesting connections you can make on Momo.

The pilot billboard was setup at the biggest music festival in China, the Strawberry Music Festival:

RT main

It showcased the real-time interests of Momo users, such as their favorite music genres, favorite acts at the festival and so on, encouraging potential users to hop on.

You can download the infographic page onto your Momo app to explore and make new connections.

info details

Down the road, we plan to setup these intelligent contextual billboards in major bar areas, shopping areas and special festivals in major cities.

Interesting awaits

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