Ford Fiesta Launch

The Ford Fiesta’s bold styling and exciting drive makes it a perfect DNA match for our target audience: The generation next of China, who are always seeking out all things bold and exciting.

We launched the car by showing everyone its thrilling birth:



We then created a Fiesta Movement online, a platform which lets young people showcase their Fiesta DNA.

The recruitment was done with web films, showing how people were already expressing themselves with the Fiesta.



Tens of thousands of youths showed us how bold and stylish they were on this platform.

20 influencers were selected and loaned Ford Fiestas. They included graffiti artists, musicians, x-gamers and they generated all kinds of content, showing the fun they had with the Fiesta, creating a following for us.

We hosted a party for everyone, with local indie band, Da Bang, in a giant parking lot, where they used the cars’ speakers to power the music all night.



The car sales were at a category-leading 7000 cars a month since launch,
 making it the most successful sub-compact car launch in China’s history.
 All this while China was still in an economic crisis.

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