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The Starbucks Breakfast Alarm

To launch Starbuck’s new line of breakfast, we created an alarm function in Starbuck’s existing app.
Simply set the alarm, wake up, get to your nearest Starbucks within 60 minutes,
to enjoy breakfast discounts and free coffee!

Starbucks CNY Calendar


This was a 30-day social campaign for Starbucks which not only gained lots of emotional engagement from our consumers, but also worked extremely well driving them from online to offline.




Taking Huawei Global

In the past year, I helped orchestrate a team of over a 100 people (and counting) to take Huawei global.

The aim is to transform their business digitally with a consumer first approach and take on the likes of Apple and Samsung.

We launched their phones globally, via digital first marketing and retail experiences.

We built their e-comm platforms and also created experiences at their B2B events.

More importantly, they would share with us their latest mobile innovations and we would think of how consumers would actually use them and make these innovations relevant to their daily lives.

We lead from China, roping in the likes of our LA, London, Paris, Delhi and Hong Kong offices to make it happen.

During this tenure, Huawei Mobile sales overtook Apple for the first time ever.

Huawei is currently the fastest growing business for Publicis Groupe in China.

Here;s a sample of the work so far:

dENiZEN Jeans from Levi’s – We Are Explorers

dENiZEN Jeans by Levi’s was a brand we ran globally out of Hong Kong targeting the key markets of China, India, Mexico, Korea and Singapore.

This season, we casted amongst our fans and sent them across the globe to look for inspiration for future dENiZEN jeans.

These explorers went to faraway places like India, Mexico and China in a “live” social campaign where you could follow and interact with these explorers and win the jeans designs they created along the way.

Here’s a campaign overview:


And here’s one of the denim creation videos in India:








Levi’s dENiZEN Jeans Global Launch




Denizen Jeans from Levi’s was launching globally, targeting developing markets.

We wanted to have a positive effect on the youths of today by fitting them out in great fitting jeans wear.

So they can look sharp, feel confident and go start something with their lives.

We inspired people with an interactive manifesto film, full of mini games. To show how easy it is to start something.

And we led by example, starting amazing projects with various groups as an inspiration to everyone.

We also gave them a stage to start something in the form of a community website.

So what are you going to start?

Mercedes China Site: Experience a Rush of Love

What if we design the Car Model Pages to induce a Rush of Love, just like the first time you meet someone lovely?

For example, when you enter the E-Class section,

You will be wowed by the most enticing moving imagery of the E-Class,

From its gorgeous lines, luxurious interior, to its amazing technology, coming at you all at once.

Enforced by all the rational information you need.

It will appeal to both the practical and passionate sides of the Chinese consumer.

Go one screen down and you can immediately choose an E-Class variant to customize and imagine it’s yours.

Not convinced? Go further down and be further enticed by its craft and details.

Here’ a preview of the site, it will be love at first, second, third sight and then some.


And here’s how the rest of the site would flow:



China Airlines Global Website Revamp

For China Airlines, we applied brand-led creativity to big platform work, and it was very well received by the clients.

We revamped China Airlines website in over 15 countries, and won two global airline website awards and one Effies to boot:

Burberry’s #SeeNowBuyNow

Burberry unveils its first ever “See Now, Buy Now” September show at London Fashion Week, heralding a new era for the industry in which fans can see both men and women designs in a show, and get their hands on items immediately after they are presented on the runway.

burberry 2

We brought the concept to China with a complete consumer journey, from a digital campaign, live broadcast to a e-comm platform.


BB journey

This was later adopted by Tmall into their fashion week, spearheaded by Burberry.



Pernod Ricard’s AI-Powered Loyalty Program

Pernod Ricard believes having direct consumer relationships is “the way forward”.

The Kindred Club Project is a Wechat CRM program with serious machine-learning chops that we are creating for Pernod Ricard.

It will learn more about you through fun campaigns and quizzes.

It will encourage you to explore new drinks in the Pernod Ricard universe based on what you like.

And it will reward you at the right place and the right time both online and offline.

Here’s a preview of what’s to come:


Startup Mentorships, The SXSW Advisory Board and a Japanese Restaurant too.

Congratulations, you found the Easter Egg!

I believe creativity knows no bounds, that’s why outside of my daily work, I find ways to realize the potential of creativity in our lives. Here are some of them:

1) Mentor for Innovation Startups

Square Ark, A Social E-Commerce Platform

square ark



Imperfection London, an up-and-coming street fashion brand




AI Cart, a smart retail shopping cart

AI Kart



2) Innovation Guest Lecturer at UTSEUS (Sino-European School of Technology):





3) SXSW Startups Advisory Board Member





4) Japanese Restaurant Owner (It’s really good, come try it)

wuxiang 01

wuxiang 03

Address: WuXiang @ East Nanjing Road no. 139, 2F, Shanghai, China.


5) And so much more in the pipeline, stay tuned.