Taking Huawei Global

In the past year, I helped orchestrate a team of over a 100 people (and counting) to take Huawei global.

The aim is to transform their business digitally with a consumer first approach and take on the likes of Apple and Samsung.

We launched their phones globally, via digital first marketing and retail experiences.

We built their e-comm platforms and also created experiences at their B2B events.

More importantly, they would share with us their latest mobile innovations and we would think of how consumers would actually use them and make these innovations relevant to their daily lives.

We lead from China, roping in the likes of our LA, London, Paris, Delhi and Hong Kong offices to make it happen.

During this tenure, Huawei Mobile sales overtook Apple for the first time ever.

Huawei is currently the fastest growing business for Publicis Groupe in China.

Here;s a sample of the work so far:

Mercedes China Site: Experience a Rush of Love

What if we design the Car Model Pages to induce a Rush of Love, just like the first time you meet someone lovely?

For example, when you enter the E-Class section,

You will be wowed by the most enticing moving imagery of the E-Class,

From its gorgeous lines, luxurious interior, to its amazing technology, coming at you all at once.

Enforced by all the rational information you need.

It will appeal to both the practical and passionate sides of the Chinese consumer.

Go one screen down and you can immediately choose an E-Class variant to customize and imagine it’s yours.

Not convinced? Go further down and be further enticed by its craft and details.

Here’ a preview of the site, it will be love at first, second, third sight and then some.


And here’s how the rest of the site would flow:



SKII Art of Travel Retail Experience

SKII created a series of travel exclusive products with the help of artist Yuko Shimizu.

sk2 05

These products were only available in the 6 corresponding airports worldwide.

sk2 02

And we wanted to reward consumers with a more immersive when you pick it up for yourself or as a gift.

So we brought Ms Yuko’s designs to life via AR Packaging Animations, so you can live and breathe inside her packaging designs, like a magical digital postcard.

It was truly a surprise and delight for our consumers who were more than willing to share their discoveries.

sk2 demo


Burberry’s #SeeNowBuyNow

Burberry unveils its first ever “See Now, Buy Now” September show at London Fashion Week, heralding a new era for the industry in which fans can see both men and women designs in a show, and get their hands on items immediately after they are presented on the runway.

burberry 2

We brought the concept to China with a complete consumer journey, from a digital campaign, live broadcast to a e-comm platform.


BB journey

This was later adopted by Tmall into their fashion week, spearheaded by Burberry.



Dove Mother’s Day Real Beauty Experience

Dove’s Real Beauty has always been about celebrating an individual’s beauty.

In China, people are more collectivistic, making Real Beauty less impactful.

So on Mother’s Day we changed all that with the launch of this web film, channelling Real Beauty through real mums and daughters.

We set up photo shoot events for daughters to invite mums to, and secretly filmed their reactions:

The film had a whopping 47 million views, driving tons of social conversations, attendance to mother-daughter photo shoot events and ecommerce sales.








We’re for Chefs:A Data-Powered Transformation Journey

For Unilever Food Solutions, we created the:

“We’re for Chefs” Platform

It’s a 3-year journey with them and counting, making their marketing smarter and transforming their business digitally along the way.

It started with building a long-term B2B platform housed in Wechat with inspirational videos of how we helped real chefs, leading to recipes, skill upgrades, consultation services and sample packs.

Here’s one of the stories of real chefs we told:

These stories will lead to our main platform, including a recipes library:


In the following year, we enriched the platform with big data from restaurant review apps and food deliver apps to help chefs predict the dining trends of young diners.

We visualized the data findings in interesting ways and offered new recipes for the chefs to meet the young diners’ needs.

Here’s a data report sample:


Pernod Ricard’s AI-Powered Loyalty Program

Pernod Ricard believes having direct consumer relationships is “the way forward”.

The Kindred Club Project is a Wechat CRM program with serious machine-learning chops that we are creating for Pernod Ricard.

It will learn more about you through fun campaigns and quizzes.

It will encourage you to explore new drinks in the Pernod Ricard universe based on what you like.

And it will reward you at the right place and the right time both online and offline.

Here’s a preview of what’s to come:


Momo Launch

Momo is China’s leading location based social connection app with over 150 million users and counting.
It is like a cross between Highlight and Tinder.

RT momo intro with en


The Challenge

We’ve been tasked with developing a brand launch for them, as it has a current perception problem of being purely a hookup app.


The Idea

Interesting Awaits

We want to show people the interesting users, groups, events awaiting them on Momo, beyond sex.

It’s not just about inspiring with a brand film though,  people need to experience this point of view to believe Momo’s changing.

So we launched the brand with a location-aware film:


The film when viewed on mobile, introduces you to relevant groups and people around you for real:


Momo screen cap


For outdoor, we’ve also set up Real Time Contextual Billboards to showcase and inspire people with all the interesting connections you can make on Momo.

The pilot billboard was setup at the biggest music festival in China, the Strawberry Music Festival:

RT main

It showcased the real-time interests of Momo users, such as their favorite music genres, favorite acts at the festival and so on, encouraging potential users to hop on.

You can download the infographic page onto your Momo app to explore and make new connections.

info details

Down the road, we plan to setup these intelligent contextual billboards in major bar areas, shopping areas and special festivals in major cities.

Interesting awaits

Momo – Chinese New Year App Innovation

Momo is China’s leading location based social connection app with over 150 million users and counting.

It saw the chaos of the mass Chinese New Year migration as a great opportunity to help others make genuine connections through its app.

Because Momo believes old friends bring you comfort, but it is new friends that will make your life more interesting.

And we were up to the challenge, creating a brand new function in the app that not only helped the brand and also did good for China!

The Kobe-mojis

How do you immortalize Kobe Bryant in China, on his retirement day?

Beyond the transient social tributes, the grandiose one-off farewell films…

Why not make him part of Chinese basketball fans social conversations, forever?